Our Properties

View of Jellyman House

Jellyman House

This substantial Georgian property located at 16 Queen Street has been converted into two large flats suitable for double occupancy, and is named after our benefactor and former Trustee of the Charity, Mrs Dorothy Jellyman. It backs onto the Queen Street/Lindow Close properties and is overseen by the Lindow Close Warden.

View of Lindow House

Lindow House and Watson Bungalow

Lindow House is situated at 18 Queen Street, and was purchased by the Charity in 1952. It is split into five flats plus Warden’s accommodation. Watson Bungalow sits separately in the grounds of the house, and was rebuilt in 1984 with a bequest to the Charity from William and Sarah Watson.

View of Penny's Hospital courtyard

Penny’s Hospital

Penny’s Hospital comprises of 11 homes plus Warden’s accommodation situated in King Street in the heart of the city of Lancaster. Ten dwellings are suitable for single people, and one for a couple. The larger one has a bedroom, sitting room, bathroom and kitchen, whilst the singles are ‘bedsit’ style, with separate kitchen and bathroom. … Continue reading Penny’s Hospital

View of rear garden at William Penny's

William Penny’s

William Penny’s houses fourteen single occupancy flats plus Warden’s accommodation. There is a communal day room/sitting room, and also a lovely shared garden, which is well tended and well used by some of the residents. In 1968, these flats were built originally to replace the Penny’s Hospital site, which at that time was facing possible … Continue reading William Penny’s

View of Queen Street bungalows

Queen Street Bungalows

We have eight bungalows, four of which are suitable for double occupancy. The Warden at Lindow Close also oversees these properties. Charitable accommodation has existed on this site since 1485 when funds were bequeathed by John Gardner to build Gardner’s Chantry. The current almshouse bungalows were built in 1938 to replace the original accommodation with … Continue reading Queen Street Bungalows

View of Lindow Close bungalows

Lindow Close Bungalows

This is a courtyard of five single occupancy bungalows plus Warden’s accommodation which were built in 1978. They are close to the other Almshouse s in Lindow Square and Queen Street, very convenient to the City centre.

View of Gillison's bungalows

Gillison’s Courtyard

This is a quiet courtyard off Lindow Square, and has a patio and communal garden area adjacent. It was built in the extensive gardens of Lindow House, and comprises nine bungalows suitable for single occupancy. They were completed and opened in 1959 by the then Mayor of Lancaster, Mrs Betty Pickard MBE, JP, who was … Continue reading Gillison’s Courtyard

View of Platten Grove Bungalows

Platten Grove Bungalows

Platten Grove is a quiet, private cul-de-sac just off South Grove in Morecambe, comprising eight one bedroom bungalows, and two studio bedsit style bungalows. These bungalows are part of the Platten and Benson Almshouse Trust, which is the sister Charity of Lancaster Charity. The Charity shares the same board of Trustees as the Lancaster Charity.